Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick Nurgle-themed Short Story

Just finished writing this little mini-tale. Hope you enjoy.

Garbled screams intermittently interrupted by blaring static spilled forth from the vox caster strapped to the shrapnel torn body of an Imperial Guard soldier. Further down the trench in an observation emplacement, Colonel Baracka, commander of the 524th Valhalan infantry, was viewing the devastation in front of him. While his troops in the trenches before the grey haired and battle scarred colonel were still fighting, he knew they would all be slain very soon and he silently cursed the commissar hovering around him, preventing him from calling a full retreat by the threat of execution at the first sign of heresy. In the shattered ruins off to the left of the front lines, three Vindicator war tanks were launching shells not full of high explosives, but with swarms full of warp-spawned flies. As each shell made impact around its intended target, guardsmen not killed by the initial impact began to scream in agony as flies began to infest every orifice of their bodies and lay their eggs within their hapless victims. The guardsmen’s abdomens slowly became bloated until they finally burst which unleashed another wave of plague flies.
Suddenly, off in the distance, the low rumbling of heavy tank treads could be heard. Colonel Barracka cursed his fate as two Land Raiders burst through the trench line and begun firing their ancient sponson mounted lascannons, which resembled the roaring dragons of myth, into the observation emplacement in which Colonel Baracka stood. Heavy weapons teams bearing rocket launchers rushed forwards in an attempt to knock out the daemon-possessed war machines but were quickly mowed down by heavy bolter rounds which were spewing forth from the heavy boltgun mounted on the front of the Land Raider. Guardsmen exploded as rounds entered their bodies and the depleted uranium cores within each detonated.
The assault ramps at the front of each land raider lowered in unison and for an instant, putrid green light could be seen inside. Then, without warning, swarms of heavy-bodied flies flew out and, like an enormous living wave, flooded over the observation deck. The few guardsmen who survived broke rank and began to flee the battle.
“Heretics and traitors shall perish by my holy hand. The Immortal Emperor himself shall sit as judge and executioner to your soul!” shouted the commissar as she started firing upon the fleeing guard. She barely fired off two shots before the swarm of flies engulfed her. The commissar fell to the ground as her belly bloated to impossible size. She raised her pistol to her already disfigured face and after muttering a soft prayer to the Emperor, squeezed the trigger.
Colonel Barracka shouted orders in an attempt to rally his troops but a lascannon shot seared a gaping hole through his chest and he collapsed to the rumble covered ground. As he fell, his body was enshrouded by the swarms of flies. Before as what remained of his body bloated to unrecognizable proportions, Barracka caught a glimpse of three rotting behemoths clad in tactical dreadnaught armour descend from the Land Raiders’ assault ramps. Before he blacked out, the image of Nurgle, the Great Lord of Decay appeared into Colonel Barracka’s mind. He envisioned himself standing before the Chaos god begging for his life in return of his immortal soul.
The three disease-ridden creatures, Terminators as they are frequently known, approached the unrecognizable body of Colonel Baracka and gazed at the beauty which lay before them.
“Inform Lord Typhus that Papa Nurgle has chosen another champion”, spoke the middle Terminator in a bile filled voice into his comm bead. Moments later, a ship composed of rotting flesh and metal descended from space and landed just before the Terminators. The behemoth to the left of the center picked up Barracka’s body as if he were a toy doll and flung him over his shoulder. The leader of the three boarded the ship and the two followed.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Here ya go, its up on eBay as well.

hmmm those pictures just revealed some flaws that I'm not too happy with so those will be fixed.

Painting blog

Finally decided to get off my lazy rump and get to painting, so hopefully this log will motivate me to get two 2000 point armies (Plus lots of random stuff) done and table-top ready.

In this first post I'm just making a list of what I need to paint, need to build, and need to purchase. I'll also update this list as stuff gets done.


100 Grots (mostly built)
10 Herders (unbuilt)
100 Boyz (built)
14 Biker Nobz (built)
1 Boss (built)
2 Biker Boss (1 built, 1 unbuilt)
2 Looted Wagonz (1 finished, 1 unbuilt)
1 Trukk (1 Built)
15 Lootas (10 built, 5 unbuilt)
20 Nobz (Built)
2 Mekboyz with KFF (1 Finished, 1 unbuilt)
1 Squiggoth (Finished)


2 Daemon Prince (unpurchased)
40 CSM (10 Built, 30 unpurchased)
4 Rhinos (2 Built, 2 unpurchased)
2 Dreadnaughts (Built)
2 Obliterators (Unbuilt)

Pictures as I get them done!


Friday, February 20, 2009


This isn't especially a rant, its more of me just writing because I have nothing better to do. Also, for some reason I feel immensely depressed although I cannot think of anything legitimate to have caused such feelings.

Currently I'm sitting (read: stuck) in my lovely dorm room as I'm on primary tonight. If I hadn't mentioned it before, I'm a resident adviser working for SJSU Housing Services in Joe West Hall. I do enjoy this job but due to my inability to read dates and meet deadlines, I will not be returning as an RA next fall. I actually don't have any inability to read, I'm just an idiot who doesn't pay attention to deadlines.

Good side of this: I will now likely get to live off campus with a group of my close friends.
Bad side: I will now have to pay for housing and food.

Hmmm, next thing of note.

I'm now in a relationship with a girl who oddly enough I care a great deal about. Its to the point where the mere thought of her makes my heart race.
Sadly I fear that such feelings are rather unrequited and I've also become rather paranoid that I'm going to mess things up considerably.
I'm sure there is more to mention about this topic but I loathe to appear to be doing anything that even seems to be complaining.


I rather enjoy all of my classes. Just finished a wire frame violin for three dimensional concepts which was thankfully received well by the class. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get them.
French is a pain as my accent and pronunciation is mediocre at best but I love the language a great deal so I've been listening to movies and songs in French in hopes of picking something up.

Thought of the Week

The Roman Emperor Diocletian caused the greatest persecution of Christians, leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not more.
Christianity however, has caused millions of deaths through the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the extermination of various Native American tribes, etc.

If Diocletian had successfully erased Christianity prior to Constantine's rise to power, would their death's be justifiable if it was known that millions would die over the next two thousand years?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Short story idea

Concept idea for a short story I might write in the future.

The world is covered in grey ash. The sky is a constant, turbulent maelstrom of reds and greys which appear as if the gods themselves are engulfed in an eternal war of constant bloodshed. Every hundred kilometers in any direction, spires, resembling withered fingers of cold metal and plastic, several square hectares in size, spring forth from the grey earth. Within each of these gigantic spires are millions upon millions of bodies, entombed in metal sarcophagi. Surrounding these sarcophagi are thousands of whirring machines which, though in a state of immense disrepair, continue to maintain the bodies within as they have for countless millennia. These machines, lit by a muted and flickering green light which oozes out from the edges of the sarcophagi, appear as if they have some sort of malicious intent even though they are what keep the bodies. It is they who stimulate the bodies within the sarcophagi. It is they who maintain the remnants of mankind, if the dross forms within the metal tombs could still be called human.

Atop one of these spires at the center of the world is a crystal forest surrounding a crystal palace. Residing within this palace are the Two, a man and a woman, who survive for the rest of mankind.

Ages ago, man raged war across the globe against themselves for no truly significant matter. Each faction sought only material goods or the spiritual salvation of all humanity and they killed each other to obtain these. Each day, millions perished in the ever burning fires created by cold fusion weapons. The Peoples of the Moon declared their independence from what was by then known as Gaea and so the governments of Gaea destroyed the Moon. Immense pieces of stone and steel fell from the sky and, in an attempt to save itself, mankind scorched the sky by evaporating the oceans. Once again, millions perished in the blink of an eye.

As the death toll rose, Gaea’s governments lost their support and began to crumble. Rioting and anarchy dominated the globe. All seemed lost and the throughout the world there was only despair as mankind degraded into roving bands lead by scientists and technicians who each claimed to be the last remaining bastion of knowledge. From the ashes of civilization emerged a being, reputed to be the next stage of human development, of pure thought. It slowly spread forth by taking a physical form and as time continued, each human was influenced by its indomitable will. The being’s thoughts pervaded the globe like the tendrils of some immense beast whose body cannot be seen. Within a year no one was left untouched. No person moved, ate, procreated or even thought without what was known as the Emperor of Mankind’s permission.

Not much is known past this except that at one point the spires appeared when they had not been moments prior. Not much is known about why humanity willingly permitted itself to lay in the millions of sarcophagi within the spires and attempt to become beings of thought themselves. The sarcophagi allowed them to transcend their earthly forms but also bound them eternally to existence. What is known, however, is that mankind no longer cares about material goods, religion, or even intelligence as all these things can be granted instantly within the sarcophagi. What is wanted, what is craved, are sensations. And so, two humans did not enter the sarcophagi.

Unlike their peers, the Two are still consumed by the need to acquire, create, and control, even though all They want can be created at the simplest thought. They are attended to by holographic machines created by the crystal which encompasses the entirety of the Two’s palace. The crystal is the eyes and ears for the millions of entombed minds. The crystal is bent and controlled by the will of the Mind, the collective will of humanity, and because of such, the two surviving humans are slaves even though They are free to, encouraged to, commanded to, do as They wish. The Two are one with the crystal and at the same time apart from it. They view the world as it was in ages past even though They themselves have never seen it. They eat the crystal but believe they are dinning upon excellently prepared meals created from things which have been extinct for ages.

When They perish, mankind perishes but the two are reborn from the will of the Mind and again mankind is reborn. The Two know of their fate but at the same time are oblivious to it. They know that all They experience is caused by the crystal yet know that it is not made by the crystal; it is caused by the Mind. Due to mankind’s greed to satisfy itself, the Two must suffer for all eternity.

Through the Two, humanity survives. Through Their sacrifice, humanity is at perpetual peace.

The world is in ruins; mankind has its utopia.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thought of the week

Every week from today onwards I shall be proposing a question or a thought and I'd like to see what you all think of it.
I rather enjoy philosophical thought and certainly want to debate a position with you all.

"A masochist and a sadist are having a convivial evening together. Who does what to whom?"